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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have always projected myself to be a "srick-to-one" friend and/or lover.  I first fell in love with the Lenovo Thinkpad (Android) tablet even before I saw the Asus Transformer tablet at Best Buy.  However, at the time the latter was introduced to me by one of the sales representatives at Best Buy, Leno--as I would fondly refer to to the Thinkpad tablet--was not yet out in the market.

I bought the Transformer two weeks after we first met, and named her Suzy.  I updated it to Honeycomb 3.2, installed a few apps, and played around with the device.  It did not take a week before I decided to return it back to the store.  I found that its rather awkwardly shaped and sized.  Its edges are sharp, too.  Two other important things that it does not have which Leno does are a dedicated digitizer pen and the write-to-text feature.

Anyway, all I wanted to stress is that I went back to picking the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet, and I am very happy and content with it.

I had meant to blog about this almost about two months ago.  I just never found the time to do so.

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